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AMY GOODMAN: Let me ask you, Michael Hudson, how the debt ceiling was put into place to begin with? In fact, it was linked to the military, right?

MICHAEL HUDSON: It was put in in 1917 during World War I, and the idea was to prevent President Wilson from committing even more American troops and money to war. In every country of Europe—England, France—the parliamentary control over the budget was introduced to stop ambitious kings or rulers from waging wars. So the whole purpose was to limit a government’s ability to run into debt for war, because that was the only reason that governments ran into debt. Almost all governments, for hundreds of years, have been in balance in their domestic spending. War is what pushes up debt, as it has done in the United States.

— From Democracy Now (via kevinczap)

Film psychology THE SHINING spatial awareness and set design 1of2 (by robag88)

Great cinematography + Awesome Track + Freckly Hot Girl = Easy Music Video Success!

Simple concept executed flawlessly.

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New Photos From The Civil War

From the Comic-Con Floor.  I need this as a full size poster.



2007 / MiniDV / Action / Adventure / Horror

Plot: The woods are no longer safe and the human race’s only hope has been retired for years. The events of “Where’s Waldo” have put John Bradley into a deep depression, he hasn’t fired a gun since he took vengeance on the remaining Waldos for the slaughter of his dearest friend Kyle. He’s lost the will to live and now spends his days wallowing in regret over his past mistakes, that is until the Waldo threat enters his life once again and John must pick up his hat and guns and head back into the woods for one final confrontation with his sworn enemies. Join John Bradley as he takes it upon himself to end the Waldo threat once and for all.


Maximum Number of Waldos in Last Stand: 13

Actual Shots FIred in Movie: 1

Injuries: 1

Budget Breakdown

50 White Knit Caps: $29.50 + Shipping

50 White T-Shirts: $15.50 + Shipping

50 Pairs of “Potter” Glasses: $27.50 +Shipping

50 Red Poof Balls: $7.50

6 Cans of Red Spray Paint: $24.76

8 MiniDV Tapes: $24.99


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